Our agency offers a range of essential services for hotel and tourist facilities that want to give clients and their friends a relaxing break.
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    Whether travelling for business or pleasure, multiple stops have made this impossible to do with your dog. Now you can attend a business meeting, visit a museum or spend an evening at the theater after dropping your pet off at the K.B.K. area inside the hotel. You can relax knowing your 4 footed friend is in safe hands.

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    Dog Sitters

    K.B.K.’s dog-sitting service is available even outside the regular scheduled opening times of the hotel lobby. If you need to work late or would like to enjoy a night out, there will always be a sitter available around-the-clock to ensure your pet is not left alone in your room.

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    At the end of a long day spent walking and socializing with other dogs, some care is required. K.B.K. has thought of this and can offer hotel guests an area where their dog can be washed before heading back to the room.

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    Relaxation Area

    Every K.B.K. area has space to for dogs to play and relax. Inside there are a number of kennels carefully positioned to give dogs plenty of room to rest.

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    Small Dog Area

    We think small dogs can be even more demanding than the big ones, so wanted to be sure to have a space dedicated to our little friends. Inside the K.B.K. there are specialised areas just for them. Small dogs … Small Dog Area.

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    Smart Video Security

    To give you peace of mind, K.B.K. have installed advanced video surveillance in every area, allowing the owner to observe their pet wherever they are. From your mobile device you’ll be able to keep an eye on your friend while they are having fun.

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    Welcome Kit

    For us at K.B.K. each arrival is special. For each new guest we provide a welcome kit, a cozy couch and a delicious treat.




The market today encourages us to think of useful and practical solutions to offer a more complete and competitive service. There are many advantages to entrusting experts and animal lovers with a dedicated space for your pets. We offer you a unique opportunity to take advantage of a package built especially for hotel clients, giving them and their pet an unforgettable experience.

New Clients

By distinguishing yourselves from every other facility, you have an opportunity to attract new customers with K.B.K.  You can now offer a much desired, highly specialized service to a market that has struggled to have their needs met before now.

Top Service

Guarantee the customer peace of mind during their stay.

Pet Friendly

Pet friendly travel is an increasing demand in tourism, with numbers constantly on the rise. Make yourselves a pet friendly place with us!


K.B.K. is a new idea, designed and provided by expert animal lovers. K.B.K. was created to make a dream come true, to allow everyone to share their life with their pets with serenity and ease.
We’re here to help those who in the past have been forced to choose between leaving their dog at home, or placing them in foster care for long periods of time with a sitter. Until now travel with a pet has often proved to be restrictive, as well as an unpleasant ordeal for the dog.
So, we began to dream up a facility that could accommodate not only the traveler, but also their pet, guaranteeing all the comforts that one might need while moving from place to place.
This is K.B.K. … a dream come true! The dream of those who do not want to be separated from their dog while on the move. Now you can enjoy breaks and business trips with them!
K.B.K. is our dream.


Contact us now to request detailed information on KBK services, you will be contacted soon by our staff to make an appointment without obligation .

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